I want to thank you for the fabulous service you always provide to me. The audit points you handled quite expertly with the Appeals Officer, and honestly without you I would not have had such a fabulous end result. Next time, I will just have you handle the audit from the start – since I am always too close to my own issues to be as objective and free of emotion as you are. We went from me owing in excess of $15K to ZERO – ZERO was a better outcome than I would have thought. The only thing better would have been if they had to pay me and that was not likely to happen. Unless of course we had proved some very bad behavior on the part of the auditor. So I am by all measures quite happy with the results. You are always at the top of my list to refer clients with troubles too big for me to address, maybe I should reconsider and just have you handle the audits for them too. My most thankful regards!

…you are truly an artist in an area in which this is a real rarity….
J.L. & G.K.

…We really appreciate you representing us and troubleshooting our tax debts and resolving them. In our opinion, you are well organized, ethical, an honest individual and a friend.

We also like the idea that you are a detailed person, well prepared and quite professional! Thank you for keeping us well informed regarding Tax Laws and Up-dates…

C.B & D.B

Thanks for the returns–you did a wonderful job!
T.D. & P.D.

…I want to thank you for your previous efforts on my account. You gave your utmost & more. THANK YOU RONALD. I put a little extra on the check…I figure I owe you….

…a thousand thanks!…You are the greatest!

Thank you for all your help….

…Thanks for all the wonderful work you did for us as always.

I have had tax boards, both the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) audit me annually since 1980,….I had consulted other…in their areas of professional expertise prior to Ron and was disappointed in the responses I received: For assistance in a situation with the FTB, I consulted an…attorney, who essentially told me I would likely have to pay the taxes, which he could help me arrange. He charged me $125 for this advice, given in a phone call lasting less than 15 minutes. I wrote the office of…(who handled my taxes from 1984 through 1989) on two issues, and their written response was vague, but implied that I likely owed the taxes. I was about to collapse under this suppression and concede to owing many thousands of dollars to these tax boards. Then I consulted Ron Singerman. His comm [communication] lag has been consistently under 24 hours each time on each issue. He can cite me the specific regulations that indicate I do NOT owe the taxes, or which significantly reduce my tax debt to these boards. On some issues he is saving me a couple hundred dollars; on others he has saved me several thousand. He is definitely to be commended for using his knowledge and expertise to combat the suppression perpetrated on…by the tax boards. His advice and intervention has allowed me to continue to….Without his assistance I would have been stopped for some time and thoroughly suppressed by these agencies.

As a long overdue follow up to your research regarding the temporary living expenses of my client I have the following to report to you: “I met with my client the other day and reviewed the substance of the research and the adoption of the accountable expense reimbursement plan. Our client is comfortable with the position. He is aware of the inherent ambiguity of the Internal Revenue Service and is willing to stand up for his rights as well as the rights of his industry. Therefore, in conclusion, the position we have taken is in accordance with your very well done research….

Ron handled a sit [situation] I had with the I.R.S. beautifully & effectively. He was very straight forward and always with high affinity. …he still keeps in comm [communication] and advises me so I don’t get into trouble because of my lack of ability in the area of taxes. He’s saved me about $12,000.– He’s great! Thank you.

This is to commend and to thank Ron Singerman for his assistance in handling…regarding his IRS situation. This was a particularly…cycle with the IRS….Thanks!

Just a note to tell you thank you for doing such a smooth & professional job on husband and my…tax returns. You really made us feel at ease, and considering the circumstances involved with our taxes this year, made this a pleasant experience for us. I personally learned something about a subject I previously hesitated even confronting! Here’s to your continued success & thanks again!
D.G. & R.G.

I would sincerely like to recommend Ron Singerman for any accounting services needed. Ron prepared my…tax return as well as handled some other difficulties with prior returns for me. I found Ron to be very professional, knowledgeable and interested in doing the best job possible while staying within the framework of the law. I have found him to be extremely competent and a pleasure to deal with. In working with Ron I have no worries about my tax return.

…has employed Mr. Singerman in various special financial and accounting projects over the past year. Mr. Singerman is very competent and knowledgeable in financial and accounting matters and proved very helpful in situations where we needed extra help. Ron helped complete the conversion of our fixed assets’ records from a manual to computerized system, an especially difficult task. I would recommend him highly to do special accounting projects for any company.
S.M.I., Corporate Controller

Ron Singerman has been our accountant and has in addition to doing our taxes has acted as power of attorney for the sale of our home while we were out of town. He handled our checking account and bills and all paper work. Also helped out in matters of handling people concerning our property and posessions. He is meticulous in his work and very prompt in getting cycles completed. We have been more than happy with his services. He is also very helpful in answering all of our questions and explaining them in laymen’s terms so that everything is understood. He is highly recommended by us to others who may need his services.
J.E. & C.E.

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